Planning Ahead for Group Bookings

The Dubai International Racing Carnival is a horse racing event that everyone can enjoy. It is an annual event, and the next one will be between the 18th of January and the 8th of March in 2007. Horse racing in Dubai goes beyond the traditional confines of the sport. The elegance of celebrity spectators, the ambience of grandeur, and the space-age amenities lend a unique aura to events in this oasis of the Great Desert of the Arab World.

Nad Al Sheba is a glittering example of how horse racing can reach new heights with Royal and official patronage. This is not just in Dubai, but in properties owned by the Ruler of the United Arab Emirates in and around London as well. Nevertheless, horse racing in Dubai does bear a special stamp of class. The entire world horse racing community is united in considering witnessing events in Dubai as a special privilege. The predominant position of the United Arab Emirates in the horse racing world of today belies its relatively new entry in to the international sport.

There are attractive financial rewards for thoroughbred owners who take part in Dubai horse racing. The best riders jockey for opportunities to display their skills here. The weather in Dubai during the horse racing Carnival is at its best behavior. The United Arab Emirates really does have everything going for it, in terms of its horse racing season.

Dubai has a richly deserved image of opulence and luxury, but the canny entrepreneurship which is a hallmark of the local people, means that there is no dearth of cheap flight from the U.K. and from other countries as well, to this desert kingdom. Accommodation in Dubai always offers exceptional value, with economical rates for regal amenities and king-sized rooms. Shopping, and exotic rides in the desert, round off the horse racing excitement. Planning ahead and traveling in groups of 10 and more people will fetch the most amazing discounts. Do get your 2007 horse racing earnings and fun off to a flying start at the Dubai Carnival!

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