Preparing for the Budapest Bullet

Horses from all over, that are three-years-old or older, will be descending on Haydock Park on Saturday 21 May 2011 for the running of the Temple Stakes. It is a Group 2 event for thoroughbreds run in Great Britain, and covers a distance of 1 006 meters. It was inaugurated in 1965. This year there is a special horse competing, a horse that has been nicknamed the “Budapest Bullet”, and is the pride and joy of Hungary. His name is actually Overdose. With his performance record it is hoped that his British debut will be one of victory.

Zoltan Mikoczy bought Overdose at a Newmarket auction. Paying 2 000 guineas for his horse in 2006, Mikoczy had no idea that he would be buying a horse that would inspire the racing fans of Hungary and shed light on the Hungary horse racing industry. During the 1990s the horse racing industry in Hungary was declining and was almost terminated by the government. Kincsem Park, located in the heart of Budapest, was being torn down, with the trotting track being transformed into a mall. But when Overdose began winning one race after the next, racing enthusiasts started trickling back to the racecourse to watch the horse they refer to as the Budapest Bullet. Hungary has deep historical roots in horse racing, and it was revived with the arrival of Overdose. Losing only once in sixteen career starts, Overdose has become the local hero in Hungary. Even the Prime Minister of Hungary had his picture taken with Overdose. Overdose is trained in Hungary, and is therefore close to the hearts of fans and racing enthusiasts. It is hoped that Overdose’s achievements will gain more support from the government for the development of horse racing in the country.

The Temple Stakes is such a highly anticipated event, that it will be broadcast in Hungary, enabling all of Overdose's fans to watch him in action. He is one of the favorites for the event, and Mikoczy commented that he thinks this event will be the ideal preparation for other races such as the King's Stand Stakes. He also went on to say that they are confident that Overdose is better now than he was in 2008, when he participated in the Prix de l'Abbaye.

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