Please send your prayers and good wishes

Todd Cummings and Ralph Leogrande lie in a Pittsburgh hospital with broken ribs, collar and shoulder bones, and a collapsed lung between them as well. Cummings is from Buffalo, NY, and has moved to Pennsylvania of late out of a passion for harness racing. Ralph Leogrande participates in many events at the Meadows.

Star Fiftyfour tripped on a hopple just after the half-mile marker, with Cummings astride. Leogrande could not get his steed, Sugar Donut out of the way in time, and fell as well. So much for trying to get fore and hind legs to move in unison by force!

This is a second accident at the Meadows in quick succession: a horse fell on this track last February 14th, and a slew of competing race horses trampled over the fallen jockey, landing him in hospital with a fractured face and severe concussion.

The Meadows is a top US track, with races all around the year. It is especially well known for harness racing. Pittsburgh owes much of its inbound tourist traffic to the Meadows, and the races here figure at the top of the area’s entertainment options. The course has operated top horse racing events for over 4 decades.

Please join us at in sending best wishes to Cummings and Leogrande for quick and complete recoveries. We look forward to the million dollar Coors Delvin Miller Adios event in August. Ladbroke hosts this series of harness races, including Pennsylvania’s richest stakes competition.