Spelling Out a Brilliant Future for Horse Racing

Imagine horse racing throughout the day, during all seasons and all 7 days of the week! Think of slot machines, dining and other entertainment options at race tracks. What if you could take part in odds betting on a national basis? These are some of the dream plans announced by Magna Entertainment Corporation Management at a recent interaction with a Farm Manager’s Club in Kentucky. Donald M. Amos may have been trying to assuage fears after his company announced a loss for the third year in a row, and after separation of CEO Tom Hodgson.

However, there can be no denying that the more than $1 billion that Magna has invested of late in horse racing is slated to add to the following for the game and the revenues it can generate. Amos's words about giving consumers more choice and keeping horse racing in step with changing times, also makes sense. The Magna VP spoke about uniform pari-mutuel laws and better regulation: who can argue with that.

Magna’s future plans look sound and punters will be thankful if a new management team is soon squarely in place. Executives such as Amos do enhance public confidence in horse racing with their forthright statements and clear vision.

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