Summer Sun to Shine on Ellis Park

Every racecourse has been feeling under threat lately and many have been putting in long hours and hard work to ensure the success of their racing seasons. Ellis Park Racecourse has been a part of the horse racing world since 1922, when it was established under the name of Dade Park. It was almost lost in 1925, but James C. Ellis bought the racecourse and ensured its survival. In 1954, the track’s name was changed to Ellis Park Racecourse, and it has battled through hard times and loss throughout the years, but has always managed to stay afloat.

Ron Geary bought the track in 2006 and has been working tirelessly to improve the racecourse and to increase interest from both the horse racing community and the public. This season, as opening day draws near for the 85th time on 4 July 2008, Geary has confidently expressed his optimism in the success of the coming season. With full fields of horses to attract spectators and offering them a greater betting selection, Geary hopes that the public will support the racecourse and its many exciting activities that it will offer.

Ellis Park Racecourse opened its doors to horses and their trainers on 18 May, and already the barns have almost fifty horses more than they did the same time last year. It is hoped that when racing starts, the racecourse will have nine hundred horses in its barns. Counting in its favor, Ellis Park Racecourse seems to be attracting trainers and horses that find dirt tracks more appealing than synthetic tracks. And as the horses start rolling in, so does the betting interest and the simulcasting interest.

Over and above magnificent live horse racing action, the racecourse has many surprises, free gifts and entertaining events for spectators. Back by popular demand is the Ellis Park Wiener Dog Races, where the public has the opportunity to enter their beloved pets. There will also be camel races and ostrich races to spice things up and the Volksfest Day promises to be a day of fun and excitement. Special days and events will be held throughout the season, including a Labor Day extravaganza, Senior Citizen Wednesdays, Old Fashioned Fridays and Family Fun Sundays. The track also offers wager and racing classes to first time bettors, where they will be able to learn the ropes of the racing world.