Super High Five Wagering Expands

For every racecourse and racing event, it is vital to lure punters to wagering on a race and their favorite horse. Betting is an important source of income, and for spectators it is the hope that their choice is right on the money and that they are able to take home some winnings. As it is always said, and everyone is reminded, horse racing is a sport and the outcome is never guaranteed, therefore, different betting and wagering forms are created to keep punters interested and offer them a greater chance of winning.

Santa Anita started offering the public a new form of wagering called the Super High Five. Since its success, other racecourses, such as Churchill Downs, have been looking into offering this wagering form to their loyal supporters. In Santa Anita, the Super High Five is available on the last race of each day, whereas Churchill Downs is considering making this wagering form available on selected races during the course of the race day.

A Super High Five bet carries a minimum wager of $1 and when a Super High Five bet becomes available on a specific race, the Superfecta immediately falls away. Punters will therefore not be able to make a Superfecta wager on a race that has the Super High Five. Both these forms of wagering are very similar. The Super High Five allows punters to wager on the first five horses that they think will win. In order to collect on the wager, the horses must come in, in the exact order (first, second, third, etc.) as punters have bet on. If no-one wins the Super High Five, the pool will be carried over to the next race, allowing the pool to accumulate, thus leaving punters the opportunity to chase a bigger payout. The Superfecta also has a minimum wager of $1, but allows punters to only select four horses in the exact top four positions.

Some racecourses will bring the Super High Five in effect on only the last race of the day, while others will offer it on various races. It is hoped that the Super High Five will create a bigger goal for punters, especially because the pool rolls over. With increasing numbers of tracks approving this new wagering form, the Super High Five will soon become a permanent fixture in the horse racing industry.

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