Takeover Target Victorious

Australian horses, Takeover Target and Magnus took the KrisFlyer International Sprint, which took place in Singapore over the weekend, by storm. Amidst a lineup of formidable competitors, the Australians did not show a moment’s hesitation as they led the field to the finish line. No-one expected much of the eight-year old Takeover Target, who is finishing his farewell to horse racing tour, but it seems that the tough and determined racehorse still has the drive to win.

At the start of the race, Takeover Target remained behind the race leader, Why Be, until approximately four hundred meters before the finish on the home stretch. But winning did not come unchallenged, as Magnus and Sanziro followed Takeover Target’s lead as he broke away. All three horses fought till the very end, with Takeover Target getting home first, Magnus in second position and Sanziro in third.

Overjoyed trainer, Joe Janiak, described Takeover Target’s victory as a “completely sensational win”, and confirmed that the power house would not be back next year to defend his title. Takeover Target was set to retire six months ago, as Janiak felt that his magnificent horse had done enough for him during his horse racing career. But Takeover Target has not lost his will to race yet, so Janiak is letting him have his time on the track until he lets Janiak know that he has had enough, or until the end of the year. Takeover Target has brought home over $5 million in prize money during his career and will now be heading to England to finish his last international tour. Whatever the result may be for Takeover Target in the upcoming racing events makes no difference to Janiak, who is proud to have been a part of the success that Takeover Target has achieved.

Magnus trainer, Peter Moody, was ecstatic over their second place, commenting that being second to a horse such as Takeover Target was an honor and they knew going into the race that Takeover Target was the horse to beat. It is yet to be announced if Magnus will be moving on to England or returning home to stud and a well deserved retirement from racing. It is hoped that Magnus will join Takeover Target to challenge each other for the final racing events in their careers. But no matter what is decided, for 2008 Takeover Target is the KrisFlyer International Sprint Champion.

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