Tamworth Harness Racing Club Schedules Races

The Tamworth Harness Racing Club is located in New South Wales, in Australia. It is a seven hundred and fifty meter horse racing track that once seemed to be doomed for closure, but has managed to fight its way back to hosting noteworthy racing events and looking towards the future. As harness racing competitors start getting ready for the TAB racing meet, which is being held on Wednesday by the Tamworth Harness Racing Club, organizers are already looking to the next racing event.

In 2006, the rezoning of the showground lands for industrial use left many at the Tamworth Harness Racing Club extremely worried that the rezoning process could lead to the sale of the land, and in effect kicking this vital harness racing venue off the grounds. If the club was left without a track and a home of operations, the hard work that has been put into promoting and hosting quality racing events would have been wasted. Fortunately, two years down the line, the Tamworth Harness Racing Club is still in existence and growing from strength to strength.

The club has four magnificent horse racing events scheduled for April, proving that they are self-sufficient and able to maintain harness racing interest at the track. Wednesday’s racing meeting is merely the kickoff for the month, and organizers have confirmed no less than ten races. Unfortunately, the State Bred Bonus race for two-year olds had to be cancelled, as only seven nominations were entered, and according to the Harness Racing NSW a minimum of eight nominations are needed.

But losing out on one race has not dampened the spirits of the Tamworth Harness Racing Club, which is very pleased with the entries and the fact than ten races are scheduled and confirmed. Especially with the assistance of generous sponsors, developments to the track have been underway to broaden its interests and capabilities and to have the facilities to host bigger and more horse racing events next season. Wednesday’s race will be only the second double figure event since January 2007 at the Tamworth Harness Racing Club, and even though members and organizers are realistic in regard to progress, their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards the future will most certainly drive them to unlimited success.

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