The March OBS Sale Tops the Charts

The OBS sale, or Ocala Breeders’ Sales Co, had one of its most successful sales recently when comparing the figures from this year with those from last year. Two year old horses that are in training sold for record prices, and even though the number of horses sold was less than in 2007, the gross revenue made it into the record books. Everyone who attended commented on the electrifying atmosphere that surrounded the March sale, as breeders showed off their best horses and buyers scrambled to enter the highest bids.

In just two days, the March OBS Sale auctioned off two hundred and thirty-three horses, with the average price tag of approximately a hundred and forty thousand dollars. Last year, only three horses were sold for over five hundred thousand, compared to the seven sold this year. Although the Ocala Breeders’ Sales Co. directors and organizers tried to remain level headed about the March OBS Sale, it was hard for them to contain their excitement at such a successful result. Everyone knows that the horse industry is unpredictable, in sales and on the race track, and when a high like this is experienced it should be savored and enjoyed.

The horse that rocked the March OBS Sale was a colt sired by More Than Ready and foaled by Jouled Rhythms. He fetched a price of $650 000, which completely stunned his owners Jacqui and Nick de Meric, who bought the colt in 2007 at a yearling sale for $110 000. David Clark, who won the bidding after fighting off Terry Finley and Buzz Chace, purchased the colt for Iron Horse Racing and commented that it was the colt’s athletic build, good disposition, strength and smooth movement that caught his eye.

Other horses that fetched sales over five hundred thousand dollars, are as follows:

Sire: Broken Vow; Dam: Sedona Berry - $625 000
Sire: Pure Prize; Dam: Time for a Crown - $550 000
Sire: Lemon Drop Kid; Dam: August Storm - $525 000

Sire: Mr. Greenley; Dam: Bacardi Cat - $550 000
Sire: Trippi; Dam: Chi - $550 000
Sire: Dixie Union; Dam: Open Flirt - $500 000

Breeders, buyers and sellers were all pleased with the outcome of the March OBS Sale, describing the event as nothing short of amazing, phenomenal and unbelievable. It is hoped that the next event will be just as record breaking and hold as many surprises as have experienced.

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