The New SIM2WIN Handicapping Product

Picking a race winner for the day has long been considered an art form, as there are a lot of factors that are looked at before placing a bet. Amateur horse racing enthusiasts often turn to the seasoned punters for advice and information, as learning the terms and race analyzing systems can be overwhelming. Punters not only look at the racing history of the horses, but consider what the jockeys’ strategies might be for the day, how it will affect the run of the horses, and work out a few pace scenarios.

Other factors, such as the condition of the track, the weather before and on race day and many other seemingly unimportant points, are looked at and it is for this reason that the “SIM2WIN” product was created. It is product that will make horse racing more understandable and more enjoyable for all, from the novice to the expert punters. The SIM2WIN is a new way of analyzing races and to simplify the process of selecting a winner. Firstly, the SIM2WIN will notify the user of major stakes races three days prior to race day. The device has more than fifty premier races stored, and includes calendar-racing events such as the Preakness, Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup. One aspect must be made very clear: the SIM2WIN does not predict the outcome of the race. As punters have been analyzing races and trying to work out the favorite horse to win for centuries, the SIM2WIN does the same, only visually.

By adjusting the different functions on the device, such as the track condition and trip factors, the SIM2WIN will replay the most likely scenario in 3D, with no less than nine different camera angles and hundreds of different variants. It takes all the numeric information that has been stored in regard to specific horses and previous races, and calculates the most probable contenders according to the variation selected by the user. The graphics of this handicapping product are phenomenal and punters who have tested the product have voiced their satisfaction.

The SIM2WIN makes handicapping easier to understand and will hopefully attract many new punters to the sport of horse racing. Being able to analyze possible contenders to win a race will help novices to understand the world of horse racing and make more informed choices. This truly innovative device is set to change the world of handicapping and will most definitely be a productive tool in horse racing. To understand and to be able to view different possible outcomes of a racing venue will be of great assistance and increase the confidence of novice horse racing enthusiasts.