The Supreme Horse Racing Spectacle at Ellerslie

The Ellerslie Racecourse comes as a pleasant surprise for horse racing enthusiasts because it is easy to forget the thunderous excitement of the sport in the sublime environs of Auckland. Ellerslie is an especially quiet and graceful part of the North Island of New Zealand, and has a restful atmosphere of its own, though it is, in civic terms, no more than a small suburb of Auckland.

Less than 10,000 people live there, though Ellerslie has a racecourse which would be the pride of even the largest metro anywhere!

Die-hard conservatives in horse racing could be a bit aghast to learn that the Ellerslie Racecourse also hosts a crass car fair, but no one should jump to conclusions because the standards of the sport, and the elegance of the surroundings, are second to no race track!

Horse racing tracks in New Zealand share a latitudinal advantage with Australia, South Africa, Latin America, and Asia: you can enjoy events at these places while friends in the England, Ireland, Canada, and other such ‘heights’ shiver! Ellerslie maintains strong horse racing links with all of Australia. Joint and common promotion, exchange of thoroughbreds, and participation of the best jockeys, render mutual help between Australia and New Zealand horse racing.

Ellerslie has built an image for itself, which sets it quite apart from other New Zealand tracks, and from horse racing in Australia. The Auckland Cup Week, the Summer Carnival near the beginning of each calendar year, and thrilling Steeplechase events, are three delightful and unique bits of the horse racing year in this part of Auckland. Management focus on these top 3 attractions does not dilute in any way, the quality of competition, and the amenities for business and social events.

Somewhat sadly for residents, Ellerslie has less than 30 days of horse racing and steeplechases a year, but the verdant and serene surroundings are always a pleasure for a visit. Horse racing enthusiasts from countries where controversy about the future of the sport abounds, should definitely visit the Ellerslie Racecourse, and revel in the joys of professionally managed and gracious events at this scenic site.

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