United Pegasus Foundation – Fulfilling an Important Role

The United Pegasus Foundation is a large rescue organization that was founded in 1994. It is a charity organization in California that finds thoroughbreds a home that will either use them for alternative careers or provide them with a suitable home for retirement.

The thoroughbred horses that the United Pegasus Foundation has purchased come mainly from feedlots or farmers and are now uncared for. Today it is one of the largest thoroughbred retirement organizations that can take on as many as one hundred horses at a time.

The United Pegasus Foundation has two horse farms: Hemet’s Frosty Acres Ranch and Tehachapi Ranch both fully equipped to take on this daunting task. The reason that such a foundation is needed to such a degree is because once thoroughbred horses have served their time on the race track they either are used for breeding or are sent to slaughter houses.

The work that United Pegasus Foundation does for thoroughbreds and other breeds in looking after them and placing them in good homes, is welcomed by owners and breeders alike. Up to 600 horses under the care of this Foundation find homes each year with owners who will look after and care for these majestic animals. Each new owner is required to have enough pasture and facilities to shelter the horses. New owners must also have experience caring for horses before these retired thoroughbreds can be placed for adoption.

The United Pegasus Foundation has an official website and uses a variety of techniques to help advertise the horses that they have in their care and that are ready for adoption. Many organizations and volunteers do fund-raising or give grants and donations to the Foundation in an attempt to help sustain and care for the animals. Other people use their time to help contribute to the welfare of the animals by helping with the cleaning and training. The United Pegasus Foundation does have a few paid staff members to look after the horses and to oversee operations to ensure that it continues to do its outstanding charitable work.

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