Virtual Horse Racing

For many horseracing enthusiasts, owning, training and racing horses is merely a dream. The expenses that are involved in the sport is far beyond what many of us can afford. But there is hope for us dreamers out there, and that is the world of virtual horse racing. Within this world, you are able to live out your dreams and be the boss over your very own stable yard. The sites are so realistic and true to the real racing world that you will find yourself, dedicated to your horses and building a stable yard with enthusiasm.

Sites such as Digiturf, Raceclubs, Stable Masters and many more will take you to the heart of Virtual Horse Racing. After registering with the site of your choice, you will be able to choose your own racing silks and get under way to being a horse owner. Buying your horse is very simple. You can either buy in bulk or purchase a single horse at a time. You are able to choose the color of your horse, its sex, age and even select a name. The site will ensure that your horse has a unique name, and will advise you if your name already exists. But just as in the real racing world, you will only know if you have bought a winner, once you have trained and raced your horse a few times. You will also need to pay monthly stabling fees, but you are discounted on these fees, the more you race. Some sites will even waiver your stabling fees, if your horse participates in enough races.

The tack shop will allow you to kit out your horse, complete with shoes and blinkers! As mentioned before, the virtual site is created in true form, and therefore you will have to train your horse. Training runs are done against a barrier horse, and this will enable you to increase your horse’s fitness level, and also work out at what distance your horse performs better. This will also assist you in choosing the correct race for your horse to compete in. Also remember not to train your horse more than three times a day, as it also needs it’s rest!

A day at the races is always exciting and especially if you have entered. Entry fees into races are required, and you will be racing your horse against other virtual racing stables. Times, dates and racing schedules that are available, will help you to select the correct race and get your horse in racing shape. Bets can be made and with all the different racing categories that are available, you will never be bored or loose interest. Races such as Stakes Races, Handicaps and Claiming Races are also available. So get ready, listen to the trumpets announcing the race and brace yourself to cheer on your horse as the gates fly open.

Most Virtual Horse Racing owners, take it extremely seriously. It is not just an online game to them. The forums are testament to the high competition and ferocious stable owners. There is also a support center that can answer all your questions and assist you, but the sites are very comprehensive and explain every aspect of the site and procedures very well, and in understandable terms that makes navigating the site very easy.

So to all you future virtual horse owners and trainers, there is a whole new world waiting for you, and at least in the virtual world, you don’t need to drag yourself out bed to train that horse!

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