Wagering Action Plan

Standardbred Canada have been looking for ways to develop and enhance the harness racing industry in Canada, which led them to creating committees dedicated to researching various sectors of the horse racing industry worldwide. The committees created included Canadian Betting Exchange, Distribution, National Pools and Products, Racing Product Development and Research. The information gathered by these committees has enabled Standardbred Canada to formulate a strategy for the Wagering Action Plan. Using modules that already exist in various international horse racing states, will allow Standardbred Canada to modify them to suit their needs and hopefully breathe new life into harness racing.

Committee members worked tirelessly to compile reports, work out budgets and put together business plans, and consisted of members within the harness racing community and a few outside the industry, that volunteered their time to assist with the project. Committee members pored over many reports as the Research Committee worked towards finding a plan that would suit their needs. With so much information gathered by the various committees, they were able to formulate a few strategies that could help to generate new interest and financial support to the harness racing industry.

Some of the ideas that have come to light include creating a traveling festival, establishing a national betting pool to allow wagering on all the racecourses in Canada, to model the Canadian Racing Betting Exchange on those used in countries such as Australia and Britain and to install a large number of lottery betting machines at various locations throughout Canada. To ensure the smooth transition and introduction of the Wagering Action Plan, Standardbred Canada has formed the Investment in Innovation Committee who will assist in the launch and business plans in regard to the new products. Standardbred Canada has been given a lot of support and encouragement to pursue new ways of advertising harness racing, and luring the public to get involved in the sport. Everyone who has contributed to the project so far has been enthusiastic that the steps being taken to improve and develop harness racing will create a positive change in the industry. The Wagering Action Plan is a product of the Standardbred Wagering conference and everyone that believes in the future of the sport.