Why Horse Racing Tops Other Forms of Sports Betting

The role of the animal sets horse racing apart from other forms of sports betting. No other form of gambling can match the exhilaration of picking winners of events at race tracks. Horse racing is an ancient sport, once the preserve of royalty, but it is only one of the multifarious roles given by people through the ages to this magnificent species of animals. Horses have been used for agriculture, transport and in war, and some traditional communities continue to keep them as part of their heritage.

Though horse racing events last for less than 2 minutes at a time, years of preparation go in to the rearing of top thoroughbreds which are favorites of sports betting enthusiasts. Blood lines are highly valued in horse racing, and the best breeders typically associate with not more than two brood mares in a year. Caring for foals and training horses to perform as champions also involves many lifetimes, and calls for rare combinations of skills and dedication.

The nobility and courage of horses lend special values to horse racing, which sets it apart from other forms of sports betting which may involve people alone, or perhaps some machines. The bonding between owners, trainers and riders on one hand, and top race horses on the other, is the stuff of legends. The Art and Science of picking winners in horse racing by sports betting enthusiasts, is an absorbing pastime for even the casual or new follower, and can be pleasantly profitable as well for accomplished veterans.

Truly, horse racing is no ordinary form of sports betting, for it combines at its best, facility with techniques of probability, knowledge of how track and weather conditions can affect outcomes, an appreciation for genetics and the ability to evaluate horse behaviors and personalities, and undying enthusiasm for this eclectic form of outdoor recreation. Horse racing integrates many facets for sports betting lovers, and offers superior value over its peers in other hobbies.