Will Got Country Grip Set a Record?

Jimmy Maddox had traded $4000 and two good fillies for Got Country Grip. Maddox had never seen the Paint horse before, and as his newly acquired horse stepped out of the trailor, his stomach started turning and regret slowly started to creep into his thoughts. There, in front of him, stood a sickly and snotty nosed horse that had just been weaned. Little did Maddox know that what really stood before him was to become one of the greatest racehorses that the horse racing industry had ever seen.

Today, everyone knows when Got Country Grip has arrived. His trademark snorting has created a few giggles and comments that he is just letting the competition know that he is there to race, and to win. One thing that Got Country Grip has taught his owner is never to underestimate him, which he proved when he cleared a seven foot pen that his trainer, Brandon Parum, bragged that no horse could clear. It was obvious to both Parum and Maddox, that Got Country Grip had magnificence in him that was just waiting to be set free.

All eyes will be focused on the Mr. Lewie Memorial Handicap, which takes place on Saturday, 19 April 2008, at Remington Park. And it is not just because seeing this breathtaking racehorse in action is such a breath-taking experience, it is because if Got Country Grip wins this $25 000 racing event, he will bring his racing career up to seventeen consecutive wins. At present, he shares the record of sixteen consecutive wins with Thoroughbreds such as Citation, the 1948 Triple Crown winner; Cigar, a leading money maker, and others such Mister Frisky and Hallowed Dreams. The record of seventeen consecutive wins is currently held by a thoroughbred named Silent Witness, in Hong Kong. But in North America, if he wins, he will be the first North American horse to achieve this.

This five-year-old power house has not known defeat since the start of his racing career, and his neatly groomed backside, complete with silver sparkles, has been seen charging over the finish line by hundreds of competitors. Remington Park announcer, Dale Day, has commented that Got Country Grip is probably the best horse he has ever laid eyes on. His strength, speed and unrivaled courage, is what makes him stand out above the rest. From a frail looking horse, he has grown into a racing power machine that is taking the horse racing industry by storm. On Saturday, G.R. Carter will mount Got Country Grip for the seventeenth time, being the only jockey to have ridden him, in the hope of again guiding this wonderful racehorse home safely, with a win and a record to his name.

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