World Cup of Amateur Racing

The World Cup of Amateur Racing is an exciting harness racing event. In this premier racing event, amateur drivers from across the world have the opportunity to show off their skill and abilities. This is where bankers, lawyers, blacksmiths, salesman and police officers live their dreams. Make no mistake, they know their stuff and only the top amateur drivers are invited to participate in the World Cup of Amateur Racing.

The first leg of the competition kicked off on Friday, 16 May 2008, and the competition finishes today, the 21st of May 2008. Drivers need to gather points throughout the competition and the driver with the most points wins the title of World Amateur Driver. The second leg took place on 19 May at the Monticello Racecourse, the third leg at Yonkers, yesterday, and the last leg will be held today at Maywood Park for the $25 000 trotting event. Other racetracks participating include Balmoral Park and Freehold.

Drivers have poured in from Canada, Denmark, Spain, Germany and the United States of America, to name a few. Some of the drivers, such as David Siegel, who is the president of the well known companies Equibase and TrackMaster (both electronic information suppliers of harness racing, flat racing and other racing news), add some color and flair to the lineup of drivers. After the first four races in the competition, David Siegel (USA) was leading the field with thirty-four points, with Gavin Cook (New Zealand) in second place with twenty-eight points and Antonia Valente in a close third position with twenty-seven points. But, as in any racing event, nothing is written in stone until the race is over, and anything can happen.

Organizers and hosts of the World Cup of Amateur Racing, North American Amateur Drivers Association, have calculated that every driver must complete a minimum of six drives, and should have completed eight drives throughout the competition. The final event at Maywood Park is bound to be a memorable occasion as driver’s battle for supremacy for the last time.