Ascot Horse Racing Track in Australia

Horse racing ‘Down Under’ is ‘King Size!’ Major events bring the entire nation virtually to a halt, and results are followed and celebrated with incredible enthusiasm. Love for all sports sets Australians apart, and this applies to horse racing in full measure. Western Australia is a great place for sports, and the premier city of Perth boasts of two expansive racecourses. One of them, Ascot is less than 10 kilometers from downtown Perth, and true to its name, offers horse racing to top international standards.

The track at Ascot near Perth is a challenge for both horse and rider. The straight is all of 300 meters and at a significant incline creating a real test of endurance. The 2 thousand meter track is kept in pristine condition, and the sub-soil is designed to make it fit for the fleet-footed soon after even the most drenching shower. You can be certain that thoroughbreds which perform at Perth will do well anywhere. Rogan Josh and Damien Oliver are top international champions which have earned their spurs at Ascot.

The Perth Cup, which is held on New Year’s Day, is a premier event at Ascot, while the Kingston Town Classic is an event for die-hard horse racing enthusiasts. It is run over a distance of between 1800 and two thousand meters, and follows the ‘weight for age’ method. Kingston Town was one of the best thoroughbreds to have raced at Ascot. The Summer Racing Carnival on this racecourse is another must for horse racing aficionados, and to spot the latest fashion trends as well! Dining and entertainment at Ascot matches the quality of the horse racing in recreation value!

Though Ascot is modern in its outlook, it has a century and a half of tradition behind it. The main offices of the Western Australia Turf Club are right next door, and the grandstand along the track and the other structures at the site bear clear lineage to the best traditions of modern horse racing. The grounds are picturesque and make for the most memorable outings regardless of fortunes in wagering! Horse racing at Ascot is a must for every enthusiast, and should be on the agenda for every visitor to Perth.

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