Kansas Racetracks

There are a number of organizations in Kansas that work together to ensure the health and welfare of horses. The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission oversees the horse racing aspect of the industry. Activities such as licensing, the enforcing of rules and regulations, working with breeders, owners and trainers, and keeping a watchful eye on wagering procedures, falls to the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission, working closely with organizations such as the Kansas Quarter Horse Association and the Kansas Horse Council. The Kansas Quarter Horse Association works with the legislators, promotes the sport and ensures that the interests of the track owners, the public and the horsemen are protected; while associations such as the Kansas Horse Council enjoy the co-operation of everyone in the horse industry to improve the health and welfare of horses, and lend assistance wherever they can.

Anthony Downs Racecourse is primarily a quarter horse racing facility, but also accommodates thoroughbred horse racing and dog racing. Founded in the year 1904, the Anthony Downs Racecourse is ranked amongst the most popular horse racing facilities in Kansas. Quarter horse racing and thoroughbred horse racing has taken place for over 137 years at Eureka Downs Racecourse, affectionately referred to as the Racing Capital of Kansas. Horse racing enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a host of racing events at these venues when visiting Kansas.

Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission

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