A Horse Racing Lesson from the Americas to the World

Horse racing will now bring the Americas closer together! Top events in the United States will be relayed live to folk in Peru, Venezuela and Brazil, thanks to a satellite system established by Charlson Broadcast Technologies, based in Kentucky. Punters in these Latin countries can place bets and enjoy horse racing as though they were actually track side! This international and 21st century version of the sport can extend to all other countries. Venezuela is especially significant in Charlson’s network, for it is hard evidence of how people can get together in peace, their politics notwithstanding.

Simulcast wagering is not new to horse racing. So what makes the effort from the Kentucky group of companies in this regard so special? Charlson has secured the active involvement of each of the South American companies, and the support of all the national governments involved. This is a vital ingredient for sustainable success that has been missing from many earlier attempts to conduct satellite based sports betting across national boundaries. Think of how the United States treats gambling across even State boundaries!

The key to success in horse racing which crosses local limits is to ensure the fair, equitable and transparent sharing of revenues between race tracks, the pari-mutuel stake, and communities and governments at each of the distant locations on a satellite network. Charlson has provided for South American wagers to add to pari-mutuel kitties in the U.S. and for significant revenue prospects in the South American countries as well. No one has any reason to complain in this arrangement!

Fair handicapping is another vital ingredient for horse racing success in the simulcast wagering format. Charlson has ensured such quality of video coverage and past horse racing performance information in offsite betting outlets in Peru, Venezuela and Brazil, that sports betting enthusiasts in these countries have no disadvantages compared to their U.S. peers physically present at local race courses.

All horse racing eyes will be on the new Charlson system, for it is set to evolve in to a new global model for the sport. Enthusiasts everywhere must wish that their locations are soon part of such wagering and horse racing networks!