An Exciting 2008 Season Ahead for Val Taurus

Trotting is a very popular form of horse racing in Quebec, and one of the highly celebrated horses from the province goes by the name of Val Taurus. Having proved his worth as a trotting horse two years in a row by winning the Horse of the Year award for the Quebec province, owner Lorraine Auger of St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu has decided that it is time for Val Taurus to move forward with his racing career and start taking on some of the top horses in Canada and in the United States.

Val Taurus was born on 7 April 2004, in Italy, and was bought by Auger in August 2006. He immediately began to work under the guidance of trainer Normand Bardier Jr., who seemed able to make the right decisions at the right time. In the two years that Val Taurus was partnered up with Bardier as trainer, he won all fifteen starts he participated in, in Quebec. This magnificent undefeated winning streak saw to it that he took home top honors in 2006 and in 2007.

As a four year old colt, the future for Val Taurus seems bright, and Lorraine Auger made the decision to move the champion to the stables of Jimmy Takter for the 2008 racing season. Jimmy Takter is a legendary trotting horse trainer in the trotting horse racing industry. With magnificent trotters such as Passionate Glide, Kadabra, Moni Maker, Gleam, Kramer Boy and Tom Ridge behind his name, it is hoped that Takter will be able to nurture Val Taurus to become part of this distinguished list.

When he moves on to racing in the United States and Ontario, Val Taurus will not be in the running for top awards in Quebec anymore, as the rules for the awards stipulate that a horse must have at least half their starts within the Quebec province to be eligible for the end of year awards. Many great horses have had to be passed over because of this rule, but even if this move means the end of Quebec awards for Val Taurus, he will most probably be making a name for himself elsewhere.

Many spectators and leaders in the trotting circles have predicted a successful career for Val Taurus in racing, and with a top trainer such as Jimmy Takter in his corner the predictions seem to be within reach. Fans have confirmed their support and anticipation for the 2008 racing season, and believe that Val Taurus has only been warming up in Quebec; waiting for his opportunity to set the world trotting industry on fire.