First Blood of Horse Racing

Horse racing depends on the nobility, courage, competitive spirit, strength and stamina of thoroughbreds. You cannot have everything in any one animal, but many of them exhibit combinations of features which make them the stuff of legends. Horse racing is an intense sport, and while years of training and riding skill go in to every event which lasts but minutes, it is the bred quality and innate characteristics of horses which makes the difference between champions and also-rans.

This is why blood lines matter so much in horse racing. Breeding is a very specialized aspect of the sport, and the best professionals attend to no more than two mares in a year. Stallions have repeatedly reinforced a pattern of siring foals which approach and even match the exploits of their parents and earlier generations. Electronics and computers have helped people keep international records of all the blood lines which are available. Most breeding is between known and established champions of horse racing in the western world, but there still some ancient breeds which can enrich the sport.

The Akhal-Teke is an ancient breed from Central Asia. Horse racing historians believe that all the popular breeds of today descend from these magnificent and beautiful animals. There are many stories of their valor in battle, and the love with which pastoral and martial communities cared for them. Their posture and bearing yields evidence of exceptional spirit, and the physical prowess is awesome as well.

Modern horse racing is fortunate that this primordial breed has been so well preserved by diligent enthusiasts. Akhal-Teke horses are available throughout the world, though Russia and Turkmenistan have the best resources. The horses are commonly used for shows and just reared to preserve the breed, but they are known to be able to carry two adults for long periods without much to eat, and to cover hostile terrain at great speed when the occasion demands.

Every horse racing lover may not be able to own an Akhal-Teke, but it is worth traveling some distance to watch them perform, to use their blood-line and to visit farms where they are bred. You can join our forum and let us know where you live if you would like leads to where you can see great specimens of the Akhal-Teke breed in real life.

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