Hall of Fame Honor for Edgar Prado

Edgar Prado was selected to be inducted into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame on 21 April 2008, with the induction ceremony to be held on 4 August 2008. The honor of one’s name being added to the distinguished list of the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame is given to those who have performed outstandingly and who have contributed to the horse racing industry. And while Edgar Prado has a long list of achievements that warrant his Hall of Fame induction, it is his actions on the track, as seen once again on Monday, 28 July 2008, that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind, that he belongs with the greats.

As the starting gates to the Fleet Indian Overnight Stakes swung open, both Edgar Prado, on Ice Cool Kitty, and Javier Castellano, aboard Precise Lady, got off to a rocketing start. Unfortunately, Castellano found himself in a world of trouble, as the right rein to Precise Lady’s bridle snapped off, leaving a small piece flying loose and the filly almost out of control. Castellano tried desperately to lean forward to grab hold of the loose strip that was still attached to the bit, but at the high speed they were travelling, it was impossible to reach. As Prado broke out of the starting gates at the same time, he saw the drama unfold, and immediately turned his attention away from the race, and towards helping Castellano gain control of Precise Lady. Prado brought Ice Cool Kitty in closer to Precise Lady and while encouraging her to maintain speed, he then leaned over and used his whip to flick the rein up for an anxious Castellano to catch. Prado and Ice Cool Kitty finished third in the race and it is actions like these that gain Prado the respect and admiration of the horse racing community.

Born on 12 June 1967, in Peru, Edgar Prado is viewed as one of the best jockeys to have emerged in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. In 2004 he won his 5000th race, a goal that was also achieved this year by Kent Desormeaux, and has a number of big name race victories behind his name such as the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, Breeders’ Cup Sprint, Man O’War Stakes, Bluegrass Stakes and many more. Edgar Prado received the George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award in 2003, the Mike Venezia Memorial Award in 2006 and the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Jockey in the same year.

Edgar Prado is seen by his fellow jockeys and most of the horse racing community as someone who always shows extraordinary horsemanship, who promotes fairness and compassion both on and off the field and who takes seriously his responsibilities and loyalty with regard to his horses and others on the track. He is a great example of true sportsmanship and a role model to many aspiring jockeys.

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