Horse Racing Track Dixon California – Horse Racing

Horse racing lovers will always welcome news of another venue under construction, so confirmation that Magna Entertainment Corporation will soon have a new race track operational at Dixon in California, is certainly worth celebrating! This comes on top of the race track being developed at Vacaville, also in Solano County, so it looks like this part of the world will soon be a haven for horse racing enthusiasts!

The Dixon complex will be in the verdant surroundings of the Dixon Downs, and the horse racing and related amenities will be spread over more than 250 acres. Fine dining and exclusive retail boutiques will add a touch of elegance to the horse racing attractions. Solano and California stand to gain significantly from these twin attractions in Dixon and Vacaville, for it will provide welcome dollars for the local economy. Punters and bookmakers have much to look forward to as well.

Sections of the Dixon community have voiced the usual concerns about sports betting in their town, but liberal regulation should ensure that all stakeholders benefit from the horse racing without any undue harm. It could well set a trend for other cities. Dixon is a pari-mutuel pioneer, with a sports betting history that goes back over a century. Here’s wishing Dixon happy horse racing in the years ahead!

Dixon is on the move, shedding its agricultural heritage for a more industrial and modern image. It combines the old world charm of a small town with the dynamism of 21st century commerce: just right for horse racing!