Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Oklahoma has contributed greatly to the horse racing industry, going back as far as the early 1900’s, yet few people are aware of their achievements. From famous horses being bred in Oklahoma, to legendary jockeys who started their racing careers on the racecourses of Oklahoma, there have been many proud moments. But until now, none of these spectacular successes have been honored or highlighted, and that is why the plans for the establishment of the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame, has been underway for the past year. Finally, the horse racing community of Oklahoma will be immortalized amongst the racing greats.

The Remington Park Racecourse is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and nothing could have been greater than to be awarded the honor of being the home of the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame. Not only has the Remington Park Racecourse been in operation for twenty years, but it is also the biggest of the four racetracks that are located in Oklahoma. Scott Wells, the general manager of the Remington Park Racecourse, has been working on the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame for months, and has been scouring through the thousands of candidates that deserve to be inductees.

Jockeys, trainers, horses, breeders and owners who are currently achieving success in the horse racing industry, will be recognized, but the hall of fame will also be highlighting past heroes and those who have ties to Oklahoma. Such as the magnificent Black Gold, who won the 1924 Kentucky Derby and was bred in Oklahoma, and another Oklahoma bred phenomenon, Lady’s Secret who earned over $3 million during her racing career and was named Horse of the Year for 1986. More recently, Got Country Grip, as paints and appaloosas are also raced in Oklahoma as well as Quarter horses, won sixteen races consecutively and Breeder’s Cup Mile champion, Kip Deville.

People within the industry that deserve Oklahoma recognition, include G.R. Carter (Jockey), Jack Brooks (Trainer), John Oxley (Owner), William and Suzanne Warren (Owners), Bobby Ussery (Jockey) and Johnny Sellers (Jockey), to name but a few.

The Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame hopes to bring awareness to their racing community and industry and pay tribute to those took their first steps in racing in Oklahoma and those who have achieved greatness.