Queen’s Plate Set to Thrill

The Queen’s Plate is not only a historical horse racing event in Canada, but it is also the first leg in the Canadian Triple Crown. The race is exclusively for three year old horses that have been bred in Canada and has a maximum contender field of seventeen horses. For the 2008 Queen’s Plate, which takes place on 22 June 2008, there will be fifteen horses in the starting gates and it is going to be a very interesting racing event.

First run in June 1860, the 2008 Queen’s Plate will the 149th race since its inauguration. Many horse owners have made history over the years, with the stable of Joseph Seagram winning the Queen’s Plate no less than twenty times and Windfields Farm enjoying twelve victories. This year there will be a new field of contenders hoping for glory, of which five horses are maidens.

A maiden, in the horse racing community, refers to a horse that has not yet won a race in its career and, on many occasion, it is these horses have been the contenders to upset races. But when looking at the field of contenders for the 2008 Queen’s Plate, it could be anyone’s race. Usually there are approximately nine or ten horses that are entered into this prestigious race, but it is said that the large number of entrants could be because Harlem Rocker has been withdrawn from the race. Being the favorite to win the race, it is suggested that other owners felt that their horses had a greater chance of winning with Harlem Rocker out of the race, and therefore the entries have increased to fifteen.

When looking at the horses individually, each horse has performed well enough to stand a good chance of winning on Saturday. Spectators will be able to see the likes of Not Bourbon, Solitaire, Sebastian’s Song, Ginger Brew, Jungle Brew, Shadowless, Silver Jag and Harvest Home battling for victory. With horse racing being such an unpredictable sport, it is anyone’s guess which horse will walk away the winner of the 2008 Queen’s Plate. But one thing is for certain, it is going to be a thrilling, exciting and entertaining event. With a large field, filled with deserving contenders, the Queen’s Plate is anticipated to be well supported and the atmosphere electric as the horses get ready for a spectacular show down.

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