Racing the Distance at Hanover Raceway

The Hanover Raceway is an all year round venue with thrilling slot gaming, entertainment and exquisite dining at their licensed restaurant. But when it is racing season, as it is now until September, hundreds of spectators flock to the Hanover Raceway to be a part of its special events and exciting horse racing action. Back by popular demand, is the one and a half mile $5 500 claimers pacing series, which kicks off on Saturday 19 July 2008.

Races in this pacing series will take place every other week, adding up to five eliminations races and leading to the final $9 000 non-claiming event scheduled for 27 September 2008. Spectators will be able to make superfecta, exactor and triactor bets on the races. The races in the series will each have a nine horse contender lineup.

Having nine horses in the field, means that two horses have to start in trailing positions. This disposition is made up for with the extra half a mile that is added to the race length, giving all the horses a fair chance at winning. Not only is it beneficial for outside post position horses, but it definitely makes for a very thrilling and interesting race. Spectators seem to enjoy the excitement and always support these races with great enthusiasm.

Hanover Raceway has always been known for hosting exciting harness racing events and offering magnificent facilities, and this season is no different. With the one and a half mile pacing series getting fans ready for the exhilarating final, racing and wagering will be in full swing this season. The various wagering options for these claimers races will also be a lure for spectators, as it was noticed that during the previous running of these long distance races wagering increased noticeably.

Harness racing enthusiasts who have never attended a long distance racing event before, are recommended to visit Hanover Raceway and get in on the action and excitement. It is truly a unique experience and seems to be a well liked event by horsemen. The top nine horses from these races will go through to the final, where the horses will be performing at their best and spectators will be hanging onto their seats.