The Vodafone Oaks

Not every thoroughbred can withstand the horse racing challenge of the track at the Epsom Downs. That is why feminists should cheer the Vodafone Oaks, for it is for fillies alone! Racecourse authorities have certainly got in to the act, because this event is an occasion for much preening of the feathers by the ladies of Great Britain!.

The Vodafone Oaks is one of the top events in the international horse racing calendar. Riders, owners, and breeders take great pride in bringing horse to such a pinnacle of racing standards, and only serious and experienced punters can make knowledgeable and reasoned bets on winners and places for this event.

Epsom is so close to and approachable from the center of London that it is worth manipulating business schedules a bit in order to steal time off for the Vodafone Oaks, or another event at this elegant home of some of the best horse racing that England has to offer. Horse racing at Epsom dates back to the 17th century, though continuing investments in upgrades leaves no room for complaints by people accustomed to conventional spectator comforts.

You can enjoy the splendid displays of the latest fashions, and the sheer beauty of the Surrey countryside, if you are not a horse racing aficionado. However, punters who fail to take the steep incline near the center of the track, and the equally sharp descent, into account, could in for surprises if they go entirely by speed ratings at easier tracks! The track is a mile and a half in length and tests the stamina of horses and skills of jockeys to the hilt.

The Epsom Derby is a fitting companion race for the Vodafone Oaks. The only material difference between the two events is that colts can take part in the Derby. The Epsom Downs really shows horse racing in its best light. The competition is fierce. The standards of racing are technically the best to be had in flat events. The best traditions of the sport are carefully preserved, though the rapid growth in popularity means that free viewing from the open is no longer as convenient as in the past. The authorities are busy with a new grand stand, which will allow more than 10 thousand people to watch events in comfort.