Victory for Davis

Robbie Davis retired as a jockey in 2002 with more than three thousand victories to his name. Because of his twenty-one years in the horse racing industry, he knew that the job is not without injury, and not as glamorous as most people would think. Jockeys travel a lot to attend various races and it is also a lonely job, as most families are not able to attend all the races to support them. So, when Davis’s daughter, Jackie, made the announcement that she was going to follow in her fathers’ footsteps, it is not surprising that he was concerned.

Jackie Davis is a twenty year old jockey that recently graduated from the riding academy that was founded by the legendary jockey, Chris McCarron. While attending the North American Racing Academy, Jackie Davis worked with H.Allen Jerkens, a Hall of Fame trainer, in the mornings. And after thirty-two career starts, her hard work and dedication finally paid off, as she crossed the finish line at the Aqueduct Racecourse on Wednesday 5 November 2008.

When it comes to horses, Jackie Davis does not care if it is the favorite to win or the longest shot on race day. She gets on and rides each horse with the belief and determination that they have the ability to win. Just before the race on Wednesday, Robbie Davis had some advice for his daughter, who had checked out her mount, Blue Hill Bay. He told her that the horse would want to be in front, and Jackie listened. Blue Hill Bay, which is owned by Chris Nolan and is trained by Scott Everett, took Davis wire to wire, to win the claiming race. Even though a late challenge was set, Davis remained calm and determined and rode Blue Hill Bay to victory.

It is a day that Jackie Davis will never forget, as her first career victory. She was congratulated by her fellow jockeys and had to be brave during her initiation, which is done traditionally when a jockey wins their first race as a professional, namely, being showered in water. Though drenched in water, nothing could have wiped the broad smile off her face, and it was not only a victory for Jackie Davis, but a proud moment for her father.

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