Why You Should Back the NTRA

Horse racing lovers all over the world may support or oppose President Bush, but his exclusion of our favorite sport from his new gambling ban is certainly a matter for universal celebration! Horse racing is a sport with rational ways of picking winners. Pari-mutuel wagering is fair and equitable. Horse racing, when properly administered, makes significant revenue contributions for social development, while providing healthy outdoor recreation. It is one of the few forms of modern pastimes which bind us to our ancestors, for it is amongst the most ancient of sports.

Not all horse racing is the same, unfortunately. There are black sheep amongst the thoroughbreds! Illegal betting rings, wagers against competitors, animal cruelty, and rank cheating are not unknown in this Sport of Kings. The joys of horse racing depend on professional organization and transparent regulation. Vigilant Racing Stewards, modern race tracks, transparent wagering conditions, and strict punishment for attempts to defraud the public, are foundations on which horse racing needs to be built, so that it can experience stable and growing patronage. This is why organizations such as the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) deserve support and encouragement of genuine horse racing enthusiasts.

The NTRA is a premier body of all professional horse racing interests in the United States. It serves the sport as a kind of single-window clearance through which a series of coordinated measures are taken to keep horse racing above board and a valid passion for people at large. The NTRA has been a pioneer of modern horse racing and has made steadfast efforts to raise standards even during troughs in the fortunes of the sport. The Breeders Cup, run every November at a major horse racing venue in the United States, is a showpiece event for the NTRA. The Breeders Cup brings the best horses and jockeys, not just from the USA, but from other countries as well, in a fierce but well regulated competition. You can support the NTRA by taking active part in person in the Breeders Cup each November!