Winning Systems in Horse Racing

Blackjack and horse racing vie for attention, and some enthusiasts switch between these forms of recreation. However, sports betting in horse racing calls for very different skills from systems which work in card games. It therefore makes sense for most punters to focus exclusively on horse racing-there is a lot of hard work to do if you want to enjoy consistent winnings from the sport!

Nature rules in horse racing and this is not just because of the horses and riders involved. The nature of a track, its length and surface can suit some horses more than others. A thoroughbred with a wonderful record at one race course will probably take time to adjust to conditions at a new location: it may not ever take to the track or equally, may turn in performances that leave the owner and trainer gasping in delight.

Some horses are bred for stamina, while others excel in sprints. Races of more than a mile and a quarter in lengths can be very different from those which are no more than 6 furlongs. The relative timings of a horse over varying lengths should be used fairly early in its career to decide on the kind of events for which it should be declared. Blood lines should also be taken in to account in determining whether a horse is better suited for sprints or for routes.

Ideally, a serious punter should spend plenty of time at the stables and during practice sessions. Training, diets and medication influence trends in race performance over a period of time. Thoroughbreds respond splendidly to the best trainers, and can also be adversely affected for short periods due to sickness and medication. Similarly, handling before an event at the starting gate, and during a race can upset a horse, or have a role in spectacular performance as well.

Enthusiasts practice hands in blackjack and memorize betting routines. The numerous but fixed permutations possible from a deck of cards do not have matching parallels in the world of horse racing. The latter requires detailed study of horses, finding out the right combination of conditions in which they emerge as winners. There are no short cuts or magic formulae in this form of gambling to substitute experience and judgment.