Les Bois Park Horse Racing Track in Idaho

Les Bois Park may not be the biggest horseracing track in the US but if you live in Idaho you'll find that it is the only track in the state. The Les Bois Park track is a three-quarter mile horse racing track which hosts a number of quarter horse and thoroughbred horse races annually. It is located at the corner of Glenwood and Chinden in Boise and it is open to the public, although bettors must be of gambling age before placing a bet.

The Les Bois Park racetrack is a very conventional oval shape. The homerun stretch measures approximately 660 feet in length and it is very exciting to see the horses eating up ground as they gallop home in this last stretch. For gamblers, betting generally starts at a $2 minimum and races are scheduled to take place on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The facilities are quite picturesque and oftentimes visitors to the races will enjoy taking in a tasty meal at the track’s restaurants, the Turf Club. The restaurant is also open on other nights of the week and it regularly has pre-selected specials, ladies nights and live music specials. Several of the track’s facilities can also be hired for special occasions.

Race season at the Les Bois Park racetrack usually opens in May and ends in August though the exact dates may change each year. During this time, stalls are easily rented by filling out an application form and sending it off to management. In recent times, Les Bois Park has been the subject of media attention due to the facility management having a significant $421,000 debt. Lariat Production’s license to conduct racing at the facility was nearly revoked as a result. However, for the time being, racing continues to be held at Les Bois Park and it is a great track to visit if you’re going to Idaho sometime soon.

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