Beulah Park Horse Racing Track in Ohio

Founded in 1923, Beulah Park has the distinction of being the first thoroughbred racetrack in Ohio. Situated near Grove City not far from downtown Columbus, Beulah Park enjoys a small town atmosphere, while not being far from the big city. It is also located close to two major freeways so access is easy and convenient. Today this great track is one of three thoroughbred racetracks in the state and it enjoys a long and successful legacy.

The track started out as a simple, straightforward track with only the basic facilities needed to conduct racing and gambling on the site. In 1986, a real estate developer by the name of Charles J. Ruma purchased the track and set about renovating it. The renovations amounted to 12 million dollars and included a new outdoor paddock area and a new administration building. The facelift certainly didn’t hurt the track’s image and racing continued at the track with enthusiasm. The track now features a banked, spiralled surface, a modern outdoor paddock area complete with plaza, and a stunning outdoor walking ring.

In 1983, Beulah Park became the first track in the state to offer simulcast wagering on the Kentucky Derby. The track has never looked back and in fact, has faced the challenges of modern technology head on with the installation of a new online wager system. The system allows people to place bets on their favourite horses over the internet. Though the system has been very successful, there is nothing quite like the thrill of actually being at the race.

Beulah Park Race Track is open between September and May each year for racing. The track also hosts a number of Quarter Horse races on certain days during the season to add a little variety to an excellent showcase of talent. If you happen to visit on a non-race day, you can make good use of the simulcast wagering facilities as well as the restaurants in the area which offer tasty food at affordable prices. Admission fees are low and many find that Beulah Park is a great place to spend a day with the family.

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