Top Horse Racing in August

It is one of the first places to witness modern horse racing, but the amenities for spectators and punters are very typically of the 21st century. No punter needs to feel guilty about leaving the family at home to enjoy a spot of wagering, because there are fashion shows, gift shops and entertainment options galore for the whole family.

Musselburgh has many attractions and claims to fame other than horse racing. Though the sport came to town in the early 19th century, the town itself goes back eons and is a living piece of Scotland legends. There is so much to do and see in town that you need not be a horse racing enthusiast to make a visit here.

However, the events are so well organized and the race course is so picturesque that it would be a pity to go to Musselburgh and give horse racing a miss altogether. The town is just minutes from Edinburgh, which makes it a tempting add on for every international visitor to this famous U.K. city. However, staying for at least two nights in Musselburgh itself adds to one’s experience, for its stately ambience and incredible rustic charm.

August is really the best time of year to visit Musselburgh, for even the unsparing cold of Scotland takes a break during this month. The horse racing authorities chip in with events almost every week of the month in August, including special shows for women and children. The course offers both obstacle and flat races, so there is truly something for every horse racing lover to enjoy!

The Musselburgh race course has excellent and comprehensive facilities for business and social events, and these are available throughout the year. So if you would like to motivate employees, delight family and strengthen links with associates, arrange your next event at Musselburgh. Your wallet will be as pleasantly surprised as your guests, though there is no telling how many new horse racing aficionados the world may have as a result!