GEN Racing Stables – Perth, Australia

GEN Racing Stables is located in Perth of Western Australia. The head trainer and owner of this fine establishment is Gary E. Nicol. Thoroughbred racing in the area has reached a peak with stake money in Perth reaching 30 million dollars annually.

GEN Thoroughbred Racing Stables has a comprehensive range of world-class facilities and services. The establishment boasts a boutique stable with extensive personal attention for every horse on the property. Gary Nicol is involved in the breaking-in and education of young horses to prepare them for racing. Additionally, the stables offer continuous training of mature horses. GEN also offers consultation services at auctions when clients are seeking to purchase yearlings and/or other thoroughbreds. The stables are involved in the training of horses from other states or international visitors, in order to prepare such horses for prominent races. GEN Racing Stables has begun a new program to encourage international horse owners to invest in their stables. The stables have a number of superb horses for sale and lease providing many with the opportunity to become involved in the Australian racing circuit. Once horses are purchased or leased, GEN Stables will communicate regularly with owners informing them of the horse’s progress.

Gary E. Nicol, owner and trainer of the facility, has a long history of working with horses and is certainly well qualified to raise and train racehorses. During school he assisted his father in the stables during which time he gained much knowledge regarding thoroughbred husbandry. He later became an apprentice jockey during the 1970s. Between 1979 and 1984 he worked at several horse establishments in countries such as England, France and Austria. He also worked for jockey Ron Hutchinson. In the late 1980’s he worked under many top trainers assisting in training young horses and problem horses. At the same time he was doing freelance horse breaking as well as horse transportation, later working as a farrier and practising physiotherapy. Between 1994 and 1997 Gary Nicol was the manager at Ravenswood Rehabilitation Clinic treating a number of strains and injuries. As of 1997 he created GEN Racing Stables, offering top facilities and training for racehorses.