Alan Brazil Horse Racing Club

Alan Brazil has been a fan of horse racing for many years. A regular at the racetrack, he would often stand viewing the parade ring picturing the day when he would be one of the owners beaming with pride. Brazil formed the Racing Club, located at Newmarket, Suffolk, in the UK, back in December of 2003. His aim was to bring together others who feel strongly about horse racing.

During 2004 Alan Brazil Racing Club drew so many interested individuals that he had to develop a management team so that all members can be carefully cared for. As such, members of the club enjoy a fantastic racing, hospitality and gaming experience. Brazil’s racing club boasts 4 top trainers. Neville Callaghan has been a horse trainer for over 30 years and is well recognized in the industry. Gary Moore is another big name at the racing club and is responsible for the latest edition, Tamreen. Jonathan Jay is new to training but has been instructed by top trainers in England and France. Mick Quinn is known as an ex-footballer and is now a qualified racehorse trainer.

This fine club offers a great selection of benefits. Visiting the Rathmoy stables is very popular as members can watch the horses in action with the trainer. Whenever there is a runner, the member of the racing club can enter a draw to be the “Virtual Owner of the Day”. As a virtual owner the person represents the club and can join Mr. Brazil at the races. Members of Alan Brazil Racing Club can keep informed as regards the club horses online. Members of the club also benefit from advice and information regarding races from several experts as well as a detailed analysis before a race by the trainer. The trainer analysis includes tactics, potential dangers and riding plans. Members’ Days hosted at the stables are a great way to meet Alan Brazil, trainers and staff of the club. Throughout the year, Alan Brazil Racing Club holds a several competitions for members to win sporting prizes. The Racing Club is certainly a must for every racing fan.

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