The Arabian Jockey Club

The Arabian Jockey Club based in Aurora is a national non-profit organization which aims to promote the Arabian racing industry, primarily by means of educational programs. In 1987 the Arabian Jockey Club was set-up to organize events and to assist those interested in the Arabian racing industry.

Arabian racing began in 1959, starting off with quite a lot of growth. Now days, Arabian horses have created their own niche in amongst other popular forms of racing in the United States. Several larger racetracks in the country have created opportunities for Arabian racehorses to compete. These racecourses have set aside a few days of Arabian racing every year. It has become clear that Arabian racing is being received in a good light and is considered a good bet. The Arabian Jockey Club has been created by a number of Arabian fans as a sort of off-shoot of the Arabian Horse Association. In December 1987 the Arabian Jockey Club was established as a non-profit organization. During 1995 the club was named a Colorado corporation but is now part of the Purebred Arabian Trust. The AJC works along with several other groups such as the Racing Commissioners International, Arabian Racing Cup and Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau. As of 1996 the Arabian club has had a representative on the Arabian Racing Cup’s Board of Stewards.

The Arabian Racing Cup was introduced on an international basis as a breeders’ incentive program. The cup promotes Arabian racing through public awareness, offering thrilling races to put Arabians in the limelight and to increase Arabian values by providing award payments. Since its beginning in 1983, the Arabian Racing Cup has attracted large numbers of nominated horses. The Arabian Cup Championships was introduced in 1995 to bring the USA’s greatest racehorses together. It is now one of the largest events on the Arabian racing calendar.

The Arabian Jockey Club has certainly done much to improve the Arabian racing industry, to draw greater crowds to events and to assist people to understand the complexities and experience the thrill of Arabian racing.

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