Maryland Horse Racing Jockey Club

A member of the Magna Entertainment Corporation (MEC), Maryland Jockey Club oversees most of the racing industry in the state of Maryland. The club is involved in the ownership and running of a number of tracks across the state including Laurel Park and Pimlico. Under the direction and oversight of MEC, the Maryland Jockey Club provides a number of great services for members of the horse racing community.

The benefits of the Maryland Jockey Club working under the MEC are immense, as the MEC is one of the largest horse racing corporations in the world and it has a number of services which are generally automatically extended to its subsidiaries. One such service is that of Magna Bet. Magna Bet is an off-track betting service which is offered at most tracks operated by the MEC. Maryland Jockey Club also makes use of Express Bet for those who enjoy placing bets from the privacy of their own home over the Internet. Another major service is that of Horse Racing TV (HRTV). HRTV is a television network which is owned and operated by the MEC. It is available to over 11 million cable and satellite TV subscribers and is usually broadcast on channel 404. The network offers fifteen hours of live racing from the best races around the world on a daily basis and is incredibly popular with those who have a passion for the sport.

The main race that is overseen by the Maryland Jockey Club is the Preakness which is run at Pimlico. The race is run on a one-mile oval track with a loam surface and it has an impressively large purse. Besides offering such superb services to its members, the Maryland Jockey Club supports permanently disabled jockeys by contributing to a fund used for this purpose. This shows that it is not only a great club but one which cares for the various members of the horseracing community.

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