Horse Training

Horse Training and Horse Care Tips

Few horse racing punters appreciate the discipline, love and knowledge that go in to horse training, but the ones who do are more likely to win betting odds. This is a treasured secret of horse racing that requires one to go beyond the superficial glamour of the race course on the day of an event. Regular visits to breeding farms, stables and observing foals exercise can help us spot tomorrow's champions.

It is not for money alone, though the system of bookmaking itself relies so heavily on studying the potential of new entrants to the horse racing arena. There is joy and satisfaction that go beyond the considerable cash gains of those who practice the art of finding horses with exceptional racing ability. Bloodlines always matter, but genes can find full expression in horse racing only when horse training is of top quality.

Horse training is of little use without prior and concomitant horse care. Horse racing is risky business for animals and their riders. Even a fraction of a second can make a difference between a win, a place and failure. Susceptibility to injury is also a matter of wellness, at least in part. A competent veterinarian must be at hand to oversee the health of a potential champion of the race course. No expense should be spared in provided horses with the best nutrition, hygiene and hoof care.

Top trainers are rare in horse racing, and they need a blend of both emotional intelligence and technical skills to inculcate racing qualities in foals under their charge. They may sometimes conclude that a particular animal lacks the qualities of a champion, and sanguine owners will accept such a verdict. More often, the trainer will be able to bring out the full potential of a young horse and groom it in to a fearless and legendary competitor.

Horse racing enthusiasts celebrate the exploits of the best horses by including their photographs and records in Halls of Fame, and even visiting them when they retire from formal events and participate in breeding instead. There is no true pleasure in horse racing without a passion for the magnificent steeds, no matter how successful we may be on the sports betting front. In fact, it is this natural affinity that humans have always had for horses that sets horse racing apart from other forms of gambling.

We would be interested to learn of your experiences in horse racing, with special regard to any promising foals that you may have seen in stables near your place of residence, so do write to us.

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