International Racing

Many Americans choose to make an annual pilgrimage to Churchill Downs in order to experience the Kentucky Derby live. Those that can't afford the trip, tune into the race on their TVs. The Derby has been described as "the most exciting event in American Thoroughbred horse racing" and if you've ever been around for the day, you'll understand why. However, the United States of America is not the only country to enjoy a noteworthy race of this kind. Various countries all over the world all have their own version of the Kentucky Derby and International Horse Racing has become a global phenomenon.

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of the races at the Kentucky Derby and wanted more, the International Racing circuit is definitely worth considering. While horses may not be transported across borders quite so easily, the enthusiasm of a crowd is not limited to one specific place and transcends language and cultural barriers. A short plan trip could have you cheering on for a new favourite as the sound of thundering hooves is drowned out by a chorus of cheers from the fans seated in the stadium. Here too you will find the country’s elite flaunting their wealth, designers expressing themselves on human canvasses and the general public bound together in a tangible atmosphere of excitement.

In Dubai, the Dubai World Cup is rated as the richest race, not only in the country, but in the whole racing world. It heads up the richest day in world racing and constantly attracts more and more of the world’s greatest trainers, jockeys and horses. Once your heart is still pounding to the beat of the horses hooves, you can jet across to Australia where the Melbourne Cup takes top honours in the racing industry. This annual race is so popular that the whole country virtually comes to a standstill as people prepare for the event. Japan has become a major force in the horseracing world and of course, it has a spectacular race or two of its own on offer – most notably the Japan Cup, while the Hong Kong Cup is not too far away. Making your way back into the Northern hemisphere, the Epsom Derby in England is rated as one of the greatest races in the world. The l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris competes for this title in France. Both races have an amazing history and legacy and this is definitely felt by competitors, organizers and visitors to the race.

Whilst the majority of travelling is done by visitors, you will often find an owner, trainer or horse from one country traveling to another to compete against that country’s greatest thoroughbreds. This sort of inter-country competition makes the event even more spectacular and is welcomed despite sometimes strict quarantine measures for the horses. If you want to join in the fun and excitement of the International Horse Racing scene, you can either navigate the trip yourself or book tickets with a tour organiser.

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