Arabian Horse Racing

When you mention horse racing the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is thoroughbred racehorses galloping to gain victory. However, thoroughbred horse racing had its beginnings with Arabian Horse Racing. Indeed, Arabian horses are well-known as hot-blooded, fleet-footed steeds, prepared to take on the greatest challenges with immense stamina. Arabian horse racing has certainly began to flourish in recent years, drawing large crowds of horse racing fans and bettors.

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds on the earth, dating back to ancient times. This magnificent breed was introduced to Britain at the time when the Romans entered the country. Even before thoroughbreds were bred, Arabian races where held at Netherby in Yorkshire. A number of exquisite Arabian horses were kept by James 1 at Newmarket. It was here that he created a type of steeplechase at Newmarket Heath. Unfortunately his herd was confiscated in 1648, his great Arabians being scattered around the country. During the 18th century the Arabian stallions of Darley, Byerly Turk and Godolphin became the founding sires of the British thoroughbred breed. With its outstanding athleticism, remarkable stamina and great speeds, the Arabian horse was the ideal progenitor of a new generation of racehorses.

Unfortunately, thoroughbred racing quickly took over from Arabian horse racing and it was only in 1978 that the original racers returned to the tracks. It was in that year that members of the Arab Horse Society were allowed to organize flat races for Arabians. Since then, Arabian racing in Britain has flourished once again.

In the meantime, Arabian racing was first organized in North America around 1959. Since its start the sport has seen extensive growth. Purebred Arabian racehorses can be seen at top racecourses through the USA and Canada. Bettors have come to embrace this reintroduced form of racing. Increases in prize money have also been seen as the excitement surrounding Arabian racing thrives and swells in popularity. The Arabian Jockey Club has been set up in the USA to promote the sport and to assist it in its continued success. Those attending Arabian racing meetings can enjoy not only thrilling racing, but also the pure beauty of this ancient breed. Top Arabian racehorses are honored by the Darley Awards, established about a decade ago. This prestigious award recognizes brilliant purebred Arabians, breeders, jockeys and trainers in this reborn sport. One of the greatest events on the Arabian racing calendar is the Arabian Cup Championships, consisting of 6 graded stakes races. Hosted every fall this great race has truly highlighted Arabian racehorses in the racing industry. Be sure not to miss the next scheduled Arabian horse race as your local racetrack.

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