Inverness Raceway in Canada

A little piece of Scotland in the middle of Canada, Inverness Raceway is a great place to go if you are looking for live horse racing action. This great little track is located in Inverness Cape Breton and it offers live horse racing which is easily combined with excellent simulcast race coverage. So, for a fun-filled and interesting day out, why not give Inverness Raceway a try? You may just find that it has more to offer than you bargained for.

The legend of Inverness Raceway began back in 1926 when the track was opened for live racing. The initial popularity of the track soared and before long it was pulling in large crowds of enthusiastic spectators. It is interesting to note that the diocese of Antigonish decided to lease the relevant land to the racetrack for 100 years for the incredibly minimal fee of $1 in 1960. The raceway certainly has never looked back and instead continues to stride forward. Currently Inverness Raceway is a non-profit organization and the majority of the money made at the track goes straight back to the horsemen involved in keeping the track alive. Its facilities are kept in tip-top shape by three full-time employees who are assisted by part time employees at certain times of the year. During racing season, as many as 35 live races are run between June and October so you can count on plenty of live horse racing action at Inverness Raceway.

Races generally take place on Sundays and Wednesdays, though the track also hosts simulcast racing, which usually takes place on Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. The simulcast coverage takes place at various locations around the raceway and sometimes even around the town, with race coverage generally focusing on 202 of the best races in both North America and Canada. So give Inverness Raceway a try the next time you feel like a little change in pace.

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