Wexford Race Track in Ireland

Situated just outside the town of Wexford off the Dublin-Rosslare bypass, Wexford Racecourse enjoys both an interesting history and a great horseracing heritage. The name of Wexford is derived from the town’s Viking heritage and the town has long been associated with horsemen and the breeding of horses in Ireland. A number of people as well as horses from Wexford have achieved notable fame due to their National Hunt success.

The modern racing scene in Wexford is a far cry from what it must have been like in the early days of the town’s racing legacy. The earliest racing records can be traced back to the 1870s, though the town went through a quiet period until about 1951. From that time on the town became actively involved in Hunt Racing and before long they were noted for producing outstanding jumpers and riders.

It all started in the 15th of October 1951 with the opening of a new racing facility at Bettyville. Newspaper estimates put the attendance figures at around 17,000 and a lot of effort and organising had to go into the event to ensure that things ran smoothly. Ladies and Gentlemen of the time made a day of it and thrilled to the horses pounding down the track. By the end of the day, Wexford had become firmly entrenched in the Irish racing fraternity.

Today Wexford is a sharp, right-handed rectangular track. It features five fences and four hurdles and a short one-furlong length run. The combination makes for exciting hunt races and the venue can be easily reached by train. There is enough parking for 200 members of the public and further parking is available for trainers and owners. There is also a cloak room, a baby changing area, three different stands, two bars, a cafeteria and a restaurant and a public payphone, while wheelchair access adds to the enjoyment of a day at the races for disabled persons.

There are no ATM machines available, however, so you would do well to withdraw any money you intend to spend before arriving at the course. If you’re looking at Wexford as a potential venue, the Carriglawn Room can cater for up to 80 persons and is available for hire. There are also a number of good hotels in and around Wexford and plenty of great attractions to see while you are visiting. Enjoy a day at the races to find out more about Wexford Racecourse firsthand.

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