MetraPark Horse Racing Track in Montana

An impressively large public facility in Billings, Montana, MetraPark features a number of multi-purpose arenas and a variety of facilities, including a half-mile track for live horse-racing. The track boasts an assortment of horse barns and smaller buildings to cater for both the animals and their owners, as well as the large crowds which these racing events draw in. MetraPark is located in the Billings city limits along the Yellowstone River and it belongs to the Yellowstone County of Montana.

MetraPark is situated roughly one mile from downtown Billings and is only about one and a half miles from Logan Airport. This means transport to the park is quick and affordable and millions of people make the trip each year to enjoy a large number of sporting events and festivals which are held on the grounds. There is a 10,000 seat arena and a 6,500 seat grandstand while two heated and air conditioned exhibit buildings provide a comfortable location for a number of events. The half-mile track used for horse racing is also used for motor sports such as monster-truck rallies so there is seldom a dull moment at MetraPark. The rest of the facility enjoys landscaped parks and lighted parking areas which add a lovely finishing touch to the facility.

MetraPark was built to serve the entertainment, athletic, trade, education and agricultural needs of the region, and management is dedicated to providing quality facilities and great programs. These programs not only support the facility but provide a valuable service to those who live in the region. The park hosts consumer shows, rodeos, basketball, concerts, hockey, wrestling, livestock shows, indoor football matches, banquets, team roping events, motor sports, business meetings, festivals and conventions. It truly is a jack-of-all-trades facility and has seen the likes of Garth Brooks, Christina Aguilera, Neil Diamond, Cher and the Eagles over the years. So get to MetraPark for the next big horse race and enjoy all the fanfare that comes with it at this great facility.

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