Yellowstone Downs Horse Racing Track in Montana

Imagine the sound as a dozen or so well-bred horses thunder down a racetrack only meters from where you are sitting. Imagine the feeling you would experience as your favourite horse – your lucky number – makes its way to the front and competes for first place. Picture the exhilaration of seeing your horse cross the finish line first. When you look at it like that, it’s not difficult to understand why so many people flock to racetracks around the country each year to see their favourite vie for first place. Whether you’re into wagering or not, there is simply no mistaking the thrill of the races. Yellowstone Downs is no different.

Situated in Billings, Montana, Yellowstone Downs is primarily a quarterhorse racetrack. The track regularly hosts a number of futurity and derby races and the prize money is generally good enough to draw a number of racing greats to the track. It is not uncommon to see purses of $20,000 and $30,000 being offered as a reward. Each race is carefully organised and stringently categorised to ensure that the races are as fair as possible. There are weight limits, gender restrictions, age limits and breed categories for the various races and races can vary from distances measuring 300 yards to 5 ¼ furlongs. While some people may view this sort of careful selection to be tedious and limiting, it is probably the best and fairest way to organise a race, resulting in some fiercely competitive racing.

While the Yellowstone Downs racetrack in Montana caters mainly to the needs of quarterhorse racing, it also enjoys a bit of variety every so often. Thoroughbreds often make their way onto the track to display their speed and stamina and the Paint Derby is popular with lovers of these patchy coloured horses. Whichever sort of racing you prefer, make your way down to Yellowstone Downs and enjoy some of the best horse racing in Montana.

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