About The Business of Horse Racing

Exciting New Business Opportunities in Horse Racing

Though new race tracks and reports of horse racing channels on television are always welcome news, electronic technology is beginning to make new inroads for this ancient sport. It started with multi-media on the Internet, and high speed data transfers at affordable prices has brought a new dimension of excitement to simulcast wagering.

Many websites offer attractive video replays of exciting horse racing, and the picture resolution, colors, and streaming keep getting better! While being present in person at the race track continues to have charms of its own, horse racing lovers from distant parts of the globe can now enjoy live results and repeated replays as well.

Not everyone is comfortable with computers and horse racing in another time zone can be difficult to follow if you are far from a television set. That is why Internet access on a cell phone opens new possibilities for horse racing enthusiasts. Color screens keep getting wider, sharper and cheaper at the same time! We are not far from the day when punters will be able to follow events anywhere from the privacy and convenience of their cell phones. This is just the kind of boost horse racing deserves!

Odds betting in horse racing require careful analysis if punters are to have consistent records of wins. Track and weather conditions, equine medication and equine behavior during loading at the gate, are some of the factors that have subtle but deep effects on the outcomes of events. It takes some experience and keen powers of observation to absorb these points before placing sporting bets. Therefore, real time results are only part of the horse racing value offer as far as simulcast wagering in any medium is concerned. Interest for the new technology will only be sustained if transmission is as clear and wide as watching from a grandstand or from an enclosure for members.

We could well find that virtual horse racing and fantasy versions of the sport catch on rapidly in the new age and give real events a run for their money! Some horse racing purists feel that cloned and genetically engineered horse racing will be a form of fantasy in any case. Activists, worried about safety and wasting injured horses, will also be happy if virtual horse racing takes off. One aspect on which all horse racing stakeholders can agree in the midst of all the controversy, is that simulcast wagering, horse racing TV channels and eventual real time results and replays on cell phones will expand the global following for the sport and rake in new revenues in the process.

Slow computer processors are a thorn in the side of horse racing transmission through all electronic media. Many people do not discard old models of hardware, and have enough problems with Flash offers, to say nothing of the enormous data, video and audio transfers involved in real events on race tracks. Commentary and racing form information in local languages will also open new vistas for the sport, and the time is especially ripe in the United States for an audio facility in Spanish.