Australian Racing Board

The Australian Racing Board is a national administrative body for thoroughbred racing in the country. It manages the Principal Racing Authorities of every territory in Australia. The board carries the responsibility of ensuring that thoroughbred racing throughout the country is held according to a set of general practices and conditions with integrity.

The Australian Racing Board was created in June of 1998. Before the establishment of the Racing Board, the National Office of Racing and Australian Conference of Principal Racing Club headed up the racing industry in the country. The Australian Racing Board was Incorporated in 2003 as a non-profit organization. Objectives for the group were created around the development and promotion of thoroughbred racing across Australia. Principal Racing Authorities are members of the Racing Board. It is their role to supervise racing in a particular territory or state. These Principal Racing Authorities are: Racing Victoria Limited, Thoroughbred Racing SA Limited, Western Australian Turf Club, Darwin Turf Club, NSW Thoroughbred Racing Board, Queensland Thoroughbred Racing Board, Tasmanian Thoroughbred Racing Council and Canberra Racing Club. All members must comply with the Australian Rules of racing which cover stewards, registration, race meetings, licensing, syndicates, offenses and penalties.

At race meetings the Australian Racing Board assigns a number of professionals to supervise so as to ensure fair-running of race meets. Supervisors include analysts, racing stewards and veterinarians who enforce the Rules of Racing. Those who defy the rules can come before the Racing Appeals Tribunal where they will be punished. Over and above the administrative role the Australian Racing Board holds, it also has several advisory groups involved in discussions, investigations, providing recommendations and issuing advice on welfare, races, rules and handicapping. The Registrar of Racehorses as well as the Australian Stud Book report to the Racing Board.

The Australian Racing Board has created a program called the Chairman’s Fellowship. This program is aimed at the youth to encourage an interest in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry. It also plays a role in bringing about Government and public awareness of the importance of the racing industry in opening up opportunities for employment. The Chairman’s Fellowship provides career development opportunities to the youth. The Australian Racing Board is truly an essential organization for the development, control and continued success of the the racing industry in Australia.

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