Have You Read a Top Horse Racing Book Lately?

A horse racing Book is a most enjoyable way to learn about this fascinating sport. It adds special pleasure on a vacation, and is also a great way of filling idle time during a trip. Everyone would love to receive a gift of a horse racing book, because it can be so full of interesting information about both horse racing and wagering.

Here are short reviews with publication details of some of our favorite picks from the engaging universe of a horse racing books. Do contact us and let us know if you would like help for an online link to a site from where you can read sample pages or buy the entire publication.

The staff and correspondents of Blood Horse Publications have put together an epical horse racing book titled The Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Betting Thoroughbreds. It was published in 2005. This absorbing paperback has the ISBN number of 1581501196. The most encouraging feature of this horse racing book is that it holds the hand of the novice at the counters of bookmakers, and explains the principles of odds betting systematically and in simple language.

Blood Horse Publications have also printed another wonderful horse racing book written by John Lindley and titled Handicapping for Better and Worse: A Fresh Perspective to Betting the Races. The hardcover edition was published in 2004 and bears the ISBN number 1581501056. The great thing about this horse racing book is that is compares all the popular sports betting methods, and helps you develop your own approach. You will be ready for the world of online sports betting, without rapacious bookmakers, after you have read this classic book. It is essential reading for everyone who starts out on an odds betting experience.

A third “must read” in the horse racing sportsbook category is Elizabeth Mitchell’s Three Strides before the Wire: the Dark and Beautiful World of Horse Racing. Hyperion published this paperback in 2003, and it bears the ISBN number 0786886226. Never lend this book full of horse racing secrets to even close friends, because you may never get it back! Mitchell’s magical writing style will leave you spellbound as she weaves you in to the alluring world of sports betting, horse racing and the tribulations of outsiders trying to succeed in the ferociously competitive sport.

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