Simulcast Racing

Watch horse racing throughout the year from venues around the world with live simulcast horse racing. Horse racing fans keen to find out what is happening at other horse racing venues around the world, will find simulcast racing ideal.

Simulcast horse racing refers to watching broadcasts, mostly live, sometimes delayed, from tracks from all over the world. See live thoroughbred horse racing events being held in North America, South America, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and many more popular venues. If you live in New York, you can view races in Wisconsin, Idaho, Aurora, Chicago, Miami and so on. It is a great way to keep track of the Triple Crown if you are unable to attend the track itself. Perhaps you are interested in viewing a particular event at an international venue, live simulcast horse racing allows you to do this. Owners of several horses can view their horses in action at more than one venue from a single location. Watch a live race on the track and then make your way to the simulcast room where you can check out a race at another track either locally or internationally.

Numerous horse racetracks and clubs throughout the world offer their members and the public the opportunity to view simulcast racing via satellite. The simulcast racing venue is typically set in a restaurant or bar area of the race track facilities so that patrons can enjoy a meal, snacks and a drink whilst watching the action on screen. Most venues for simulcast racing will open around mid-morning and close at around midnight, sometimes later. Your local horse racing track will be able to provide you with details on their simulcast racing program. Alternatively you can search for a particular venue’s simulcast racing program online. Other forms of racing you may enjoy by means of simulcast racing include harness racing and quarter horse racing.

Live simulcast horse racing is a convenient way to view important horse races from tracks around the world, without having to travel far. It is also a great way to become acquainted with fellow horse racing enthusiasts as you socialize in a bar/restaurant environment.

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