Horse Racing Gear and Accessories

Photography and horse racing do not have universal connections, but it helps punters to have still and video cameras to make permanent records of top events which they witness in person. Photography adds greatly to horse racing pleasure, and video records can help with analysis of races with a view to better wagering on future events.

Professional photographers may still use old-fashioned cameras with film, but the new digital cameras are best for horse racing. There are distinct still and movie needs for the horse racing enthusiast, so it is best to opt for a device which can work with both systems. Video cameras have higher optical zoom, but lower resolution. It may be best to buy a pair of binoculars with a mounted camera to optimize the different photography needs of a horse racing enthusiast.

Photography involves some inconvenience for the average horse racing follower. The comfort of the grandstand may keep the elements at bay, but a place in the sun on the fence may give crucial records of the start of a race from the head-on position, which a covered seat cannot provide. Similarly, dawn and dusk may yield the best photographs from an aesthetic point of view.

Camera equipment comes in a very broad price range and with all permutations of technical product features. It makes sense to start with fairly basic equipment, and to upgrade it in steps. Nevertheless, any compromises on focal length and resolution capability are likely to produce disappointing results for even a casual amateur. There can be wide price spreads between top German and Japanese brand names, and Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean models, with the same features. It helps to make purchase decisions on the basis of lens quality, for it can make a major difference between top photography and average stuff.

Investments in horse racing photography can pay handsome financial returns, apart from the pleasure it imparts, because racecourses and owners are always willing to pay top dollars for exceptional work. You never know how many shutter skills lurk in your finger tips, so do give it a try!

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